Francesco Severini (IT)


Francesco Severini lives and works in Acquasparta, where ever since he paint and write. After several exhibitions in Italy and abroad - from the first time in Milan to Paris - in addition to some sacred art committees (two works, The tree of life and The quite walk of (St.)Francis in the principal churches of Acquasparta), has for ten years now dealt with each project through the singular marriage between literature and painting, with the aim of giving to every possible viewer a preeminent induction: the Wonder. Some of his projects are: Geographies of many possible Worlds (1995), The Forms of Time (1995), Eyes of Painting (1999), The Soul Harmonies (2000), DiWines looks (2002), Histoire des visages (2003), Dittamondo, The Italian Fairies (2011), Tetramorphosys, À Rebours - The look of things, Vagabolario – An illuminated journey between the legends of the “small peoples” in the Italian linguistic islands. Vagabolario has become a book published by Prospettiva Editrice (October 2016) which in 2017 has already received two important awards: the victory of the XXXII edition of the National Literature Prize called by the Institute of Culture of Naples and the conferment of the prestigious Ostana Prize for mother-tongue literature, in the National Prize section.

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