Michiel Koelink (NL)


Michiel Koelink (NE) is a media artist who works with software systems, video, sound and photography, through which he demonstrates a passion for loops and simple rule-based works, often subjected to infinite changes by algorithmic structures. In the process of research and development, Koelink often collaborates with scientists and other experts. Works like Spitzenkörper and 2.5 Dimensions show a commitment to an aesthetic visualization of science. 3d Poetry Editor was developed in close collaboration with: Jon Ståle Ritland (NO) is a poet and ophthalmologist. David Jonas (PT) is a computer science engineer, media artist and educator on the fields of creative coding and game development. Mike Hambleton (NZ) is an award winning creative director and designer, working primarily on advanced user interfaces and connected devices. 3D Poetry Editor evolved from BodySearches/PoetryMachine, which combined poems from Jon Ståle Ritland’s BodySearches (2013) with three-dimensional software art by Michiel Koelink. Successful presentations of BodySearches/PoetryMachine inspired Ritland and Koelink to develop an editor that could write in three dimensions. The Gravity of Words is an exhibition shows 3D-poems from 14 poets written i 3D Poetry Editor. The program can be downloaded at www.3dpoetryeditor.art.

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